Spittal Pond

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve is home to the largest wildlife sanctuary in Bermuda, and offers some bouldering. Follow the trail from either parking lot and make your way to the seaside cliffs where you will find crag after crag with boulders ranging from highballs to lowballs. However, proceed with caution for there is no sandy cushion to ease your graceful fall to the ground. First ascents, photos and topos by Timothy Claude unless otherwise indicated.

Lucifer To be continued…

Remote Start V2
Start as of the crack with the intent of moving rightward and upwards, from the crux you can proceed upwards over the lip or traverse right until reaching a jug out of frame from the picture below. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Lazy Boy V4
Crawl under the overhang and take the lazy boy position with both feet extended towards the rock whilst your hands rest on two crimps. From there move out of the overhang and push upwards only to reach another overhang. From that overhang, you can traverse right to a side top out or push for the highball ascent which continues on the vertical trajectory. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Slim Pickings V0
Nice little mini-boulder which starts to the left on the pile of rocks. From the rocks traverse right to the base of the arete, then proceed to climb upwards to a chossy top out. Take caution in where you grab due to the rock being slightly sketchy. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Puta Roja V3
Bring on the PAIN! For this route rips into your forearms. Sit start in the bottom left corner, reach up to a blind hold and then traverse right until the overhang stops. Mantle into the slab section and then proceed upward to a nice little top out. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Surfs Up V2
From the crack under the overhang move up and left onto Euphoria, then traverse left until reaching the top out of Idle. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Mellow Mood V0
Start to the right of the crack, and move upwards. Follow the crack around the overhand, and then top out once you’ve climbed above the overhang. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Euphoria V1
Once you get past the mental barrier of height, get ready for a sense of CLIMBING EUPHORIA which will make your nether regions tingle. Start on the raised rock step, and proceed upwards to the left of the overhang. The top out involves a mantle from a cut out groove at the top of the route. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Low Tide V2
Start at Idle, traverse right, and finish as of Euphoria. Timothy Claude, 2017.

High Tide V2
The same rush of height and exposure, just with a little more challenge to make you question your strength to top out. Start at Surfs Up, and finish as of Euphoria. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Uncharted V1
Uncharted pushes you towards more exposure and height while also providing you with two top outs, just in case you’re not in the mindset to push the boundaries of fear. On the raised rock step proceed vertically until top out. Alternatively, you can traverse left upon reaching Surfs Up for a timider top out. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Idle V0
Idle being the first route ever found at this crag makes for an easy warm up while also preparing you for the highballs to come. Start at the lowest level of rock, and proceed vertically until reaching a mantle finish. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Touche V1
Touche provides more time on better rock, but like Tang, the beginning is quite chossy. Start as of the face, move upward towards solid rock then begin traversing right. Top out slightly to the left of Tang. Upon topping out you can either down climb or traverse right around the rock seen below then down climbing. Timothy Claude, 2017.

Tang V0
The start of this route is chossy, and therefore leaves a bad taste in your mouth. However, upon reaching the top section of this route you get on some better rock, but sadly the route is over. Timothy Claude, 2017.

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