Graded List


(One Shoe Over) The Cuckoo’s Nest 5.13c
Black Seal 5.13b
White Dielectric 5.12d
Technical Ecstasy 5.12d
Ectoplasm 5.12d
Bogeyman 5.12c
Crack Baby 5.12c
The Outsider 5.12b
Sundogs 5.12b
Third Degree Burns Night 5.12a
Journey to the Centre of the Earth 5.12a
Power Junky 5.12a
Crack Junky 5.12a
Under the Volcano 5.12a
Fresh Squeezed Crack 5.11d
Pipeline 5.11d
Backdoor 5.11d
Kanagawa 5.11d
Cumbrae Vieja 5.11d
Powerhouse 5.11c
Crackhouse 5.11c
Two Lines of Crack 5.11c
Sins of the Fathers 5.11b
Ahab 5.11b
Cock Push Ups 5.11b
Bathsheba 5.11b
Hagridden 5.11a
Three Sheets to the Wind 5.11a
Pump Lovin Criminals 5.11a
La Cucaracha 5.11a
The Mangina from Atlantis 5.11a
Stormrider 5.10d
Bensalem 5.10d
Nymphetamine 5.10d
Roots Controller 5.10d
Dead Man’s Hand 5.10d
Witch Slap 5.10d
Hagridden2 5.10d
Rogue Male 5.10c
Waiting for the Siren’s Call 5.10c
Transmissions from Uranus 5.10c
Scarface 5.10c
Sous Les Pavés, La Plage 5.10c
Shelter From the Storm 5.10b
The Vomitorium 5.10b
Bam Dusters 5.10b
Nurse Ratched 5.10b
Thetis Fetish 5.10a
Succubitten 5.10a
Sheet Your Pants 5.10a R
Holy Sheet 5.10a R
Johnny Rotten 5.10a R
The Root of Evil 5.10a
Root 666 5.10a R
Roots Manuva 5.10a R
The Only Gay in the Village 5.10a
Typhoon Arete 5.10a
Sea Serpent 5.10a
Auricle Wall 5.10a
Neptune 5.10a
Mako 5.10a
Xantho 5.9
The Prow of the Pequod 5.9
Poseidon 5.8
A Dose of the Crabs 5.8
Aleta Del Tiburon 5.8
Queequeg 5.8 X
Am Fear Liath Mor 5.7
Subsonic Wave 5.7
El Terremoto 5.7
Bambenga 5.7
Birth Stone 5.6
The Prow of the Pequod RH start 5.6
Orongo 5.6


Shoot to Kill 5.13b
Rocket in the Head 5.13b
Rocketeer 5.13a
Spicy Times 5.13a R
Bullet in the Chest 5.12d
Mental Slavery 5.12d
Poopenshooten 5.12d
Boss Hog 5.12d
Fifty Shades of Pink 5.12c
Roccoco 5.12c
Professor X 5.12c
Xavier 5.12c
Lactic Acid Bath 5.12c
Lactic Acid Test 5.12c
Lactic Acid Trip 5.12b
Afrikan Baby 5.12b
Cluckery 5.12b
Clucking 5.12b
Hogging the High 5.12b
High on the Hog 5.12b
Danger in Paradise 5.12a
Sam’s Kraken 5.12a
Emperor Ming 5.12a
Olga 5.12a
Persistence is Futile 5.12a
Tongs Ya Bass 5.12a R
Samhain 5.12a
Vancouver 5.12a
Base Humping 5.12a
Strong Sister 5.12a
Flange Armstrong 5.12a
Lactic City 5.12a
Lactic Ocean 5.12a
Bonsai Nightline 5.12a
In the Pink 5.12a
Arch Enema 5.12a
White Privilege 5.12a
The Pump Pimp 5.12a
High Heels 5.12a
The Foot Bandit 5.12a
Foot Fetish 5.12a
Amsterdam 5.11d
High Heels lite 5.11d
Tortura Del Agua 5.11d
Redemption Song 5.11d
The Upsetter 5.11d
Fungus Rock 5.11d
Stockholm 5.11d
Glasgow 5.11d
Song to the City 5.11d
Vegas 5.11d
Lost City 5.11d
Riga 5.11d
Venice 5.11d
Copenhagen 5.11d
White Sister 5.11d
White Guilt 5.11d
Leukosister 5.11d
Leukosia 5.11d
Footloose 5.11d
Surf Burglar 5.11d
Cargo Cult 5.11d
Verdigris 5.11d
Narcosis 5.11d
Kick Ass 5.11d
(Ordering) Enema Petra 5.11d
Bonsai Hotline 5.11d
Atlantic Birdman 5.11d
Tramontana 5.11d
Who Shat in my Pants? 5.11d
Who Ate all the Cookies? 5.11d
Drunken Monkey 5.11d
Dirty Slapper 5.11d
Full Hate 5.11d
Full Hot 5.11d
Caught between a Hard Rock and a Hard Cock 5.11d
Nerys 5.11d
Nerysister 5.11d
Nerysiren 5.11d
Captain Canada 5.11c
Yellow Fever 5.11c
Slap Chop 5.11c
Butt Plug 5.11c
Enema Territory 5.11c
Alien 5.11c
Sea Saw 5.11c
Proctalgia 5.11c
Gay Bar 5.11c
Sycophant 5.11c
(Ordering) Enema Trauma 5.11c
Song to the State 5.11c
Night Dive 5.11c
Ginger Stepchild 5.11c
Half Hot 5.11c
Bonsai Pipeline 5.11c
Seagull Manager 5.11c
Fungus Politics 5.11c
Pidgin Politics 5.11c
Death by Bongo Bongo 5.11c
The X-Man Finish 5.11c
Mrs Pedersen 5.11c
Ceol Geobag 5.11c
Pet Enema 5.11c
Pet Trauma 5.11c
Bar Pet 5.11c
Haruspicy Times 5.11c
Taxidermia 5.11c
Blue Men of the Minch 5.11c
Song to the Siren 5.11c
Sirenesque 5.11c
Bampottery 5.11c
Flangemaster Flash 5.11c
Petrafied 5.11c
Petra 5.11c
Biggus Dickus 5.11c
Go Rin No Sho 5.11c
Lachlann 5.11c
The Southport Sockmen 5.11c
The Ming Dyno Nasty 5.11b
Myntenkast 5.11b
Ode Tae a Fart 5.11b
Atlantis 5.11b
Mishima 5.11b
Tittenshatten 5.11b R
Kiss Ass 5.11b
Squid Mark 5.11b
Sinister Sister 5.11b
Lara Sister 5.11b
Barf 5.11b
Barotrauma 5.11b
Bathos Party 5.11b
Ginzu 5.11b
Alien 2 5.11a
Sinister Croft 5.11a
Lara Croft 5.11a
Gull Power 5.11a
Captain Caveman 5.11a
Suicide Squid 5.11a
The Narrow Road to the Deep North 5.11a
Terminal Velocity 5.11a
The Sound of Summer 5.11a
Hogwash 5.10d
The Eye of the Storm 5.10d
Cream Crackered 5.10d R/X
Happy Clappers 5.10d
Claptrap 5.10d
Ricochet 5.10d
Deep in Dis Pear 5.10d
Teddy Boy 5.10d X
Archie Gemmill 5.10d R
Pidgin Post 5.10d
Fanny Craddock 5.10d
Clam-o-rama 5.10d
Catfish Arete 5.10d
Kamikaze Sex Ninja 5.10d
After the Flood 5.10d
Pontius Pirate 5.10d
Gandhi on Crack 5.10d
Ambergris 5.10d
Into the Labyrinth 5.10d
Monkey Magic 5.10d
Scottish Mating Call 5.10d
Trouble and Strife Direct 5.10d
Kendo 5.10d
Schweinsteiger 5.10d
Failed State 5.10d
Jazmyne’s Route 5.10c
Don’t Be Fooled By The Rocks That I Got, I’m Still Ginni From The Block 5.10c
Romantic Pottery 5.10c
The Gull from Ipanema 5.10c
Tetas Latinas 5.10c
Turning Japanese 5.10c
Bicentennial 5.10c
Deep Down in Dis Custard 5.10c
Vayu 5.10c
Krusty Klaws 5.10c
Hippocampus 5.10c
Squid Vicious 5.10c
Squid Squad 5.10c
The Enema Bandit 5.10c
Journey to the West 5.10c
Shark Oil 5.10c
Grooverider 5.10c
Climb of the Century 5.10c
Seagull Manager 5.10c R
Judo 5.10c
Rab C Nesbitt……..Race 5.10c
20m and Counting 5.10c
Karate Kid 5.10c
Yakuza 5.10c
Aikijitsu 5.10c
Niu Bi 5.10c
Ni Su Yao Fang Pi 5.10c
The Poacher 5.10c R
Trammel Net 5.10c R
Gweilo 5.10c R
Burn the Witch 5.10c
Full Fathom Forty Five 5.10b
Big Ted 5.10b
Trouble and Strife Original 5.10b
Atavar 5.10b
Enema of the State 5.10b
Ward’s Tufa Cave Route 5.10b
Fujin 5.10b
Magical Whale 5.10b R
Craic Heads 5.10b R
Kitsune 5.10b
Beaufart Scale 5.10b
Nippon 5.10b
The Eighteen…Triathlon 5.10b
Surfing with the Alien 5.10b
Certain Death 5.10b X
The Ninth Wave 5.10b R
Route 55 5.10b R
Ruben 5.10b X
Bukakke Karaoke 5.10b
Scaur Tissue 5.10a
Deep Fried Pizza 5.10a
Ride the Tsunami 5.10a R
Full Fathom Five Ten 5.10a
Deeper Love 5.10a
The Hold Ma Kebab…5.10a
Grunt’s Traverse 5.10a
Abaho Los Pantalones 5.10a R
Shotokan 5.10a
Chewstick 5.10a
Clark Kent 5.10a R
The End is High 5.10a R
Milliways 5.10a R
William Eschatner 5.10a R
Docksiders 5.10a X
Tugboat Surfin’ 5.10a
Big Wave 5.10a
Out to Lunch 5.10a
Ariel’s Song 5.10a
Deep Fried Mars Bar 5.10a
The Tin Man 5.9 R
Cardinal Fang 5.9 R
Los Endos 5.9 R
Deadman’s Wonderland 5.9
Strip the Willow 5.9
Demented Jesus Nun 5.9
Tropical Depression 5.9
The Seventh Pillar of Wisdom 5.9 R
Unga Bunga 5.9
Moonshine 5.9
Rat Tail 5.9
Banzai 5.9
Tom Moore’s Arete 5.9
Ball’s Deep 5.9
Deep Throat 5.9
Henry’s Route 5.9
Dragon King 5.9
Tripitaka’s Travels 5.9
Kerchak 5.9
Mangani 5.9
Bushido 5.9
Wheels on Fire 5.9
Skol 5.9 (R)
Aleta Del Tiburon 5.8 R
Grunt Fest 5.8 R
Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition 5.8
Lord of the Tree Frogs 5.8
Tarzan 5.8
Rock Fire 5.8
RAaaarrrrr! 5.8R
Hurricane Force 5.8
Monkey Love 5.8
Mujina 5.8
Shoulda Brought a Bigger Boat 5.8
Tickled Trout 5.8
Left is Best 5.8
Dashing White Sergeant 5.8 R
Super Lager Marlboro Marathon 5.8 R
Cyclone Crack 5.8
The Buckfast Biathlon 5.8 R
Man Next Door 5.8
Auricle Wall 5.8 R
Rogue Wave 5.8 R
Subsonic Wave 5.7 R
Point Counterpoint 5.7
El Terremoto 5.7 R
Guddle A Guppy 5.7
Tres Gringos Locos 5.7 R
Huevos Grandes 5.7 R
Neds Kru Sprint 5.7 R
Agar the Horrible 5.7 R
Pigsy 5.7
Sandy 5.7
Kameosa 5.7
Inebriation Across De Nation 5.7 R
The Eighth Pillar of Foolishness 5.7 R
Tom Moore’s Traverse 5.7
Apocalypse Now 5.7 R
Kala 5.7
Beercan Torpedo 5.7
Katana 5.7
Shojo 5.7
Purloin My Perch 5.7
Zigzag Arete 5.7 R
Elephant Dung 5.7
Palimpsest 5.7
Look at the Size of my Trunk (Island) 5.7
Gin & Juice 5.7
Echopraxia 5.7
Timothy’s Traverse 5.6
Gay Gordons 5.6 R
Sunflowers 5.6
Photo Finish 5.6 R

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