Deep Water Soloing

Clarence Cove

Hogfish Bay

White Grunt Hole

Deep Bay

Dill’s Rocks

Ladies Chambers

Spanish Point

Harrington Sound

The Great Sound

Tom Moore’s Jungle

Tsunami Wall

Tuckers Town

Deep Water Soloing is safer at high tide for obvious reasons and some of the routes are not advisable below mid-tide. It is imperative to inspect the depth before getting on a project as the water is often a lot shallower than it appears. A mask and snorkel are therefore useful accessories to as many rockboots and chalkbags as you can get your hands on. The good news about that is the snorkelling is fabulous in Bermuda and there is loads to see. Although what you don’t want to see are Portugese Men O’ War or Cauliflower jellyfish, make sure there aren’t any under your chosen line, especially if the wind is onshore because the wind tends to bring them in. Even then bear in mind that even under perfect conditions and circumstances Deep Water Soloing can be a perilous sport. Potential injuries include broken backs, ruptured lungs, perforated eardrums and involuntary salt water enemas.

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