Harrington Sound

Harrington Sound is encircled by cliffs, and while many of the crags are unsuitable for DWS, there is some great climbing here. By far the best crags are Kamikaze Wall and Gaijin Wall. 



These DWS spots are located beside the old Harrington Sound Post Office. The nearest access point to the water is just west of Shark Hole.

Journey to the West. Topo by Grant Farquhar.


JOURNEY TO THE WEST 5.10c 20m sea level traverse

This little gem traverses the wall to the point east of the old post office. Access the waterline. Traverse west on amazing flowstone rock to an impasse before the overhanging point. Find a hidden but crucial two-finger pocket at waist level in the stalagtite on the arete in order to turn this and gain easier ground. Finish directly on good rock to the trees above. Grant Farquhar 14/3/09. Second ascent Davie Crawford July 2009.

Davie Crawford finding the crucial pocket on Journey to the West. Photo Grant Farquhar.

Davie Crawford being denied access to the west. Photo Grant Farquhar.


A short crag offering some unremarkable routes. Do not go into the garden of the house above. The routes are described from left to right, facing into the crag. The first feature described is a short vertical wall of red & white coloured limestone.

PIGSY 5.7 5m 

A boulder problem start getting out the water leads to the much easier red and white wall above. Davie Crawford March 2009.

NIPPON 5.10b 5m

Start at the same point as Pigsy and follow a rightwards slanting line on pockets.

Davie Crawford March 2009.

JUDO 5.10c 5m 

The hollow, blocky grey roof right of Nippon provides some steep roof- wrestling moves on jugs to a crimpy finish up a short white groove.

Davie Crawford 17th June 2009.

Seb Grieve on Bicentennial. Photo Grant Farquhar.


Bermuda’s 200th route climbs the first weakness left of the massive roof encountered immediately west of the post office. Start under the stalctite festooned massive roof feature. Gain a dry ledge from the water. Traverse leftwards along a hanging beam to a cramped rest under the roof. Pull through the block roof right of Judo and follow the rightwards line to the top. Grant Farquhar 3 July 2010.

Rightwards from the wall climbed by Pigsy are two more caves with sizeable, (but chossy looking) horizontal grey roofs. Right of these caves is a clean red and white wall. The next two routes climb lines on this vertical wall.


This fingery route follows a rising leftward traverse above the arch of the last cave to near its apex. Davie Crawford March 2009.

SANDY 5.7 5m 

This is the line of the thin crack that starts at the same point as Dragon King. The crux is getting out of the water. Davie Crawford March 2009.


Around the corner from Post Office West directly opposite the small rock island before you reach Twin Moorings Crag. There is a shallow flake that runs up and slightly right in the middle of the face ending with an 6ft pillar that extends predominantly over the rest of the wall. CAUTION: the water is quite shallow under most of the rock so make sure you check it out before climbing.


Patience and diplomacy are needed to gain access to the Tetas. Balancy and frictiony climbing. Traverse in from the right ledge of the wall, bridge the gap into the first dihedral and then hump over the small arete to the second depression on the left. Route starts from the bomber undercling flake and follows the arete up and slightly right. Devin Page 3 July 2010.


A short, slightly overhanging pocketed wall. Not a brilliant venue but it has some worthwhile climbing on the way to Kamikaze Wall. At the end of the Post Office West crag go past a small rock island. The crag is on your left.

BUSHIDO 5.9 5m 

The blunt arete on the left gives some fingery climbing on honey-combed rock.

Davie Crawford 20/5/09.

KARATE KID 5.10c 5m 

The central line up the overhanging wall is fingery, leading to a slopey top out. Good bouldery climbing. Davie Crawford 24/7/09.

KATANA 5.7 5m 

The knife edged arete at the right end of the wall.

Davie Crawford 20/5/09.


To the right of the Twin Moorings Crag. Chossy rock with roof overhead on wall parallel with the water, with a gradually shortening face jutting out into the water on the left side of the wall.

FAILED STATE 5.10d 7m 

Traverse into the dihedral from the right. Ignore the scars of war all around you as you idealistically head straight up to the roof. Veer slightly left to the ‘slightly” better rock and over the top. Quality of rock is appalling and adds much to the difficulty. Do not use the thin flake underneath the main roof as it WILL betray you. Devin Page 3 July 2010.


Kamikaze Wall is the next venue in Harrington Sound. This crag is situated in Harrington Sound between Devil’s Hole and the old Post Office, in a bay 50m west from Twin Moorings Crag.

Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo
Jazmyne Watson taking The Narrow Road to the Deep North. Photo Grant Farquhar.

Access from the water. The crag is one of the highest DWS crags in Bermuda. The length combined with the excellent limestone make for some of the most exciting routes of this style on the island. The majority of the routes are safe above deep water. However, a submerged rock is close enough to the route Go Rin No Sho to require a warning (as mentioned in the route description). The nearby dock is private, stay off it. Climb at your own risk. The authors of this website accept no responsibility for anything.

Devin Page on Banzai. Photo Grant Farquhar.

SHOTOKAN 5.10a 25m traverse

This good, pumpy route follows the natural line of a steeply overhanging, juggy handrail from the left to the arete of Banzai. Make a step rightwards across a small gap onto a foot ledge leading onto the route. Grab the jugs and monkey for glory a few metres above the water to a welcome resting ledge below the arete of Banzai. Davie Crawford 23/5/09. Second ascent Josh Hill 18/6/09.

Chemmyslav Yentas on Shotokan. Photo Grant Farquhar.

SHOJO 5.8 7m

Climb a blunt arete mid way about 2/3 of the way along the route Shotokan. Jump off.

Davie Crawford 23/5/09. 

BANZAI 5.9 13m

One of the best easier DWS routes in Bermuda, this classic route offers superb climbing up the vertical wall and hanging arete on the left side of Kamikaze Wall. Step off the ledge and ascend diagonally rightwards up the wall via a million shallow pockets to white rock high on the arete. Top out and make a banzai jump into deep water. Davie Crawford 23/5/09. Second ascent Josh Hill 18/6/09.


From the small ledge on the arete just below the final moves of Banzai, reverse The Narrow Road rightwards to a junction with Kendo. Make a rising rightwards traverse to join Mishima at the stalactites and finish up this. Good and exposed climbing for the grade. Grant Farquhar 28/6/10.

Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo
Grant Farquhar on Bukkake Karaoke. Photo Davie Crawford.


Takes the Banzai arete direct. From the starting ledge of Banzai, step down and right on the lip of the roof to gain a triangular ledge on the arete. Climb the arete rightwards to a bigger ledge. Continue to join Banzai on a small ledge and finish up this. Grant Farquhar 28/6/10.

DRUNKEN MONKEY 5.11d 45m traverse

The left to right low level traverse of the entire wall is pumpy. Start along Shotokhan to the no-hands rest below Banzai. Step down right as for Turning Japanese to the arete and continue traversing on the lip of the overhang to gain Kendo. Reverse The Narrow Road to the no-hands resting ledges below Kamikaze Sex Ninja. Grant Farquhar 28/7/14.
Grant Farquhar high on the arete shared by Turning Japanese & Banzai. Photo Davie Crawford.


The original starting ledge below the next five routes (Slap Chop to Go Rin No Sho) disappeared around 2011. Start from the ledge below Kamikaze Sex Ninja via The Narrow Road to access or via boat.

SLAP CHOP 5.11c 13m

Fierce and entertaining climbing. Start via boat or traverse in via The Narrow Road to gain Kendo. Head immediately left on the lip of the roof. Enjoy great face climbing with heel hooks above your head for a ways. Get established above the lip and continue directly to easier ground. Trend right to finish up Kendo. John Langston 31/5/10. Second ascent Grant Farquhar 3 July 2010.


Start as for The Narrow Road as far as Kendo. Down climb the groove of Kendo to the lip of the undercut. Traverse left on the lip of the undercut sandwiched below the roof above. Continue left to a wide crack.Slap steeply leftwards along the diagonal weakness to the arete of Banzai. Jump off the top of Banzai. Grant Farquhar 26/6/10 (via the original starting ledge, now disappeared), 12 July 14 (as described).


KENDO 5.10d 13m

This very good route offers fingery pocket climbing leading into the bow- shaped groove line just left of centre on the main overhanging wall. Start via boat or traverse in via The Narrow Road to gain the overhanging steep groove and wall above. Step left at a small bush and enter the upper groove system where balance is regained. Jump off into deep water. Davie Crawford 23/5/09.

Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo
Davie Crawford on Kendo. Photo Grant Farquhar.

MISHIMA 5.11b 13m

Excellent rock and climbing. Start as for The Narrow Road to gain the base of the overhanging wall right of the groove of Kendo. Climb the steep pocketed grey and white streaked wall directly to a tufa/flowstone feature left of the bonsai of Go Rin No Sho. Continue to a small cave with stalactites and then a horizontal break. Step right into the groove left of the final arete of Go Rin No Sho to finish. Grant Farquhar & Yukio Mishima 24/8/9 (via the original starting ledge, now disappeared), 12 July 14 (as described).

Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo
Jazmyne Watson on Go Rin No Sho. Photo Grant Farquhar.

GO RIN NO SHO 5.11c R 13m

3 star climbing up the centre of the white streak. Start as for The Narrow Road to the base of the overhanging wall. Climb on pockets to gain a bonsai tree within a groove. Continue to the overhang and commit to the finish on the small arete above. Jump off the top to descend. Deep water apart from the large fire coral encrusted boulder that almost reaches the surface 6m back from the base. As this wall is 15 degrees overhanging it is not safe to make an uncontrolled fall from the top. Grant Farquhar & Miyamoto Musashi 23/5/09 (via the original starting ledge, now disappeared), 12 July 14 (as described).

Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo
Jazmyne Watson on the crux of Go Rin No Sho. Photo Grant Farquhar.


The crack splitting the right hand side of the white streak. Start from a dry no-hands rest on a ledge to the right of the crack. Climb leftwards to the crack and follow it on good jams to the top. Walk leftwards (looking in) to the top of Go Rin No Sho and jump off into deep water.Deep water apart from the large fire coral encrusted boulder that almost reaches the surface 6m back from the base. As this wall is 15 degrees overhanging it is not safe to make an uncontrolled fall from the top. Grant Farquhar 23/5/09.

Jazmyne Watson fighting Kamikaze Sex Ninja. Photo Grant Farquhar.



An excellent climb up the wall right of the crack. Start from a small alcove & climb over a bouldery bulge to a ledge. Work up the pocketed face, using good side pulls. Search for good pockets/pinches while steadily moving feet higher until reaching large jugs. Be aware of the bulge at the start of the route if falling from a higher position. Kenny Chao and Grant Farquhar 5 Sep 2010.


A right to left traverse of Kamikaze Wall which gives a sustained and enjoyable outing. Start up Kamikaze Sex Ninja for 5m then traverse left across the wall to join Kendo. Continue up and left on steep ground on to the slab. Moves across this lead to the finishing moves of Banzai. Jump off. Grant Farquhar 6/6/10.

GINZU 5.11b 4m

Traverse from the start of Kamikaze Sex Ninja to the start of Kendo. Short and tricky with fun moves past the crack. Now defunct as the ledge below Kendo is no longer there. John Langston, 29/5/10.

MUJINA 5.8 R 13m

The right hand groove/ crack line in the main crag is started from the same point as Kamikaze Sex Ninja. Falling is not advisable on this one due to its slabby nature. Jump off as per Go Rin No Sho. Davie Crawford 23/5/09.

KAMEOSA 5.7 9m

A wide and deep crack separates the little buttress taken by this route from the main crag. Start just right of the deep crack and make crux moves out the water onto the relatively easy wall above. Jump off into deep water. Davie Crawford 23/5/09.

Kamikaze Wall topo. The routes no longer start from the cave shown unless via boat. Photo Grant Farquhar.


This yellow streaked wall is 100yds west of Kamikaze Wall and resembles Trevallen limestone. It has a central chimney and a sunlight in the roof above


Can be contracted on this crimpy traverse. Start from a dry ledge at the base of the chimney. Step left around the overhanging arete to a large but wobbly jug. Traverse the wall leftwards to the arete. Grant Farquhar 1 July 2010.


Thrust your way up this sweaty, devious pig of a wall climb. Mount the beast via the wobbly jug (used in the Yellow Fever route) and crimp your way up the wall to a tricky top out. Good climbing. Davie Crawford 3 July 2010.

Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo
Davie Crawford on Schweinsteiger. Photo Grant Farquhar.


Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo

This area of generally good white rock is in the North- West part of Harrington Sound, just East of the landmark of Abbott’s Cliff. Access by boat, or a swim around 400m metres from the Trinity Church Road area to a rock island which faces a deep crack line up slabby rock. The first routes described lie to the west (left) of the snaking crackline facing the rock island.

VAYU 5.10c 8m

This route tackles the attractive arete feature around 8m left of the snaking crack. Traverse at sea level leftwards to a niche. Make a couple of steep moves onto the arete and wall above. Davie Crawford & Grant Farquhar 19/4/09.

NIU BI 5.10c 8m

In English when something is good we say, ‘that’s the bee’s knees’; in Chinese they say, ‘niu bi’ which translates as: the cow’s vagina. This route is a  counter-diagonal to Vayu. Gain the wall left of the arete from the water. Climb up then right to join Vayu at good holds and a resting place. Continue rightwards on the lip of the overhang and finish up the right hand side of the arete. Grant Farquhar 23/8/09.

FUJIN 5.10b 8m

Follow Vayu onto the arete and traverse the wall at around mid height- taking the line of least resistance. Gain a sloping ledge and top out or jump off. Davie Crawford 19/4/09.

NI SU YAO FANG PI 5.10c 8m

Chairman Mao had a famous saying: 

Ni su yao fang pi, Jiu fang pi

Ni su yao la shi, Jiu la shi

Which, I’m told, translates as: Don’t fart when you need to shit and vice versa. Wise words indeed. This route climbs directly out of the water at some obvious thin flakey holds in the left side of the wall left of the obvious arete of Vayu. Continue directly to join Fujin and then the top. Grant Farquhar & Davie Crawford 23/8/09.

The next routes are east (right) of the snaking crack.

AIKIJITSU 5.10c 8m

Get yourself fired on to a bulge right in front of the island, about 8m left and around a corner from Yakuza arete. Make a wee note to try and jump clear of this bulging slab in the event of falling off. Set off confidently more or less straight up, tearing off loose shrapnel and exposing angry ants as you go. As the holds become rubbish near the top have a wee gander again at yon slab waiting to catch you. Finally, fight your way through some dead twiggery to top out. Steve McGill 31/7/09.

GWEILO 5.10c R 7m

The white groove left of the prow of Yakuza. Gain the ledge underneath from the water. Climb the groove to the mid-height ledge. Devilish bridging leads to the top. Jump off. Beware the evil ledges underneath as poor footwork could lead to an uncontrolled fall with risk of striking a ledge. Grant Farquhar & Davie Crawford 23/8/09.

Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo

The Josh factor- in flashing mode. Josh Hill (left) on Yakuza and Josh Stevenson on Kitsune. Photo Davie Crawford.

YAKUZA 5.10d 7m 

Join the brotherhood with an intense initiation ceremony- a finger slicing ascent of this brilliant samurai- sharp prow 10m right of the crackline. Start left, traverse onto the arete sinking copious Sake before extorting success from the summit jug. Davie Crawford  31/7/09. Second ascent Grant Farquhar 23/8/09.

KITSUNE 5.10b 7m

The white- streaked, slightly overhanging wall just right of Yakuza.

Davie Crawford 23/8/09.


The overhanging prow.

Jazmyne Watson 2011.

Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo

Jazmyne Watson on the first ascent of her eponymous route. Photo Davie Crawford.


Access- by boat, or swim c.200m across the Northern part of the Harrington Sound. Continue round the Northern side of the island to a cove with a little rock island and a large roof.

Monkey Island is the eye-catching, craggy island in the Northern part of the Harrington Sound. A line of crags curve round from the North to the Northwest side.
The rock quality on this venue is esoteric and it is advisable to inspect the depth of water below the routes before an attempt.

Davie Crawford on the FA of Tripitaka’s Travels. Photo Grant Farquhar.


This route starts from the little rock island in the cove on the north side of the island. Step off the rock onto the obvious foot rail of good white limestone and follow this from right to left. The crux involves negotiating a constricted roof at sea level and is much harder than the rest of the route. The footholds are good on this one but the handholds tend to be very fragile.  Davie Crawford & Grant Farquhar 14/3/09.

MONKEY MAGIC 5.10d 10m

This unusual but worthwhile route traverses the slabby white wall underneath the large, chossy roof in the buttress from left to right. A 5m swim from the rock island leads to the start at the left edge of the white wall. Technical moves on small and fragile holds lead to enlightenment at the arete taken by Monkey Love. Finish up Monkey Love or jump off. Davie Crawford & Grant Farquhar 14/3/09.


Takes the arete right of the large roof in the prominent north facing buttress. The rock is poor. Grant Farquhar 14/3/09.

Davie Crawford on the FA of Monkey Magic. Photo Grant Farquhar.

Harrington Sound - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo
Josh Hill celebrates his first ascent of the un-named wall below him. Photo Davie Crawford.

The next routes lie on the west side of the island.

MOONSHINE (5.9) 7m

This takes a pocketed, undercut wall of good white rock 7m right of the cave. Be careful not to get stung by any 15″ moon jellyfish that may be in the landing zone. Davie Crawford 23/7/11.



This wall is to be found in the north-eastern part of Harrington Sound. It is just off vertical with excellent rock. Unfortunately the water underneath is too shallow for DWS. Beware.


Certain Death crag is found just South West of My Lord’s Bay in the western side of Harrington Sound. Just one route has been climbed here so far- for obvious reasons. The (X) rating indicates a very serious (and possibly life threatening) danger element to the climbing.


Let the allure of this great looking, touch- me- big- boy, overhanging lay back hand crack out- weigh the fact that the water is 4 foot deep and rocky below. Just follow that sweet crevice straight up, laying back this way and that alternately. Half way up stop and make a note to belly flop in the event of a ping- that would maybe save you. On you go, carry on up, no stop, whats that noise? It’s the frenzied barking of not one but two Alsation attack dogs. The dogs are a good 30m away and can’t see you- yet. Your friends can distract them from just off shore. Make for the top and beat your chest several times. Fight your way rightwards through thick jaggy bushes and sloping pine needle footing until you reach a low enough point to jump in without hitting too hard. Finally, taunt the dogs from the safety of the boat and and also any friends that are just too gay to do Certain Death! Steve McGill 31/7/09.

NOTE- the name Certain Death Crag turned out to be prophetic as the crag itself fell down during the poundings of Hurricane Igor in September 2010. The above description is for posterity.


Cockroach Island describes a collection of rock island boulders lying below the imposing Abbott’s Cliff. The boulders used to be part of the main face of Abbott’s Cliff, before detaching themselves in the mists of time for some of the best rock trundles ever seen in Bermuda. The climbing here is on the triangular south face of the main block which rises 8m out of the Sound like a Mayan pyramid.

It offers some fairly dangerous off- vertical problems on small positive finger edges.
The crag is part of a nature reserve so it is essential not to damage any rock or plant life.
The (R) rating indicates that these routes have shallow water under them, with serious injury (or worse) a possibility in the event of an uncontrolled fall.


Juke out the water centre of the boulder and head left for two pure gallus, nanbos shaped holes. Gingerly put your entire hand in the hole like Flash Gordon fronting off Eagle Man with that alien- filled moon rock thing. Enjoy the use of the long thin ledges and a juggy top out. Bob’s your uncle. Avoid roaming conches as you return to the sea. Steve McGill 31/7/09.


Overcrowd your tiny, dangerously under- equipped, thirty dollar, two man inflatable and navigate with your essential cargo of beer and fags for a stealth mission over miles of open, deep sea to the distant pyramid of Chichen Itza. Pulling out of the water taking a deep drag on a Marlboro, follow a zig- zagging natural line up the centre of the face balancing a Corona Extra in your free hand. Pay homage to the god Quatzequatl as you arrive in a drunken state part- way up the summit arete. Davie Crawford 31/7/09.


Feel obliged to claim the highest peak unless, of course, you’re a big Jessie. Seek out the golden nub of a five inch wide tree stump on the right hand side of the towering face. Sacrifice your chicken here. Wait for Quatzeqautl’s sign to continue. Set off over a bevvy of insecure holds and hand gashers aloft the rock strewn shallow waters. Top out and receive a beam of light from the parting skies. Or, alternatively, smack the sea bed whilst gripping onto the hold which broke off to spite you. (This route is serious). Steve McGill 31/7/09.


Trunk Island is the large central, and private island in the Harrington Sound.
It offers a Southern line of very small and very undistinguished crags for the desperate.
Access by boat.

ELEPHANT DUNG 5.7 4m Steven McGill 31st July 2009

You’re here now, you might as well fire up the wee over hang/ arete to the left of an of eye catching sort of streaky thing. Climb up using your hands and feet, biff boff done. Now head off elsewhere or risk being a plamph.


On the right edge of this craglet is a nice little cove with very shallow water under it. The steep left arete is very hard (and unclimbed) but this route climbs an easier version up the line of the wall and arete, next to a small tree. Davie Crawford 31/7/09.

Unfortunately, the cliffs on the north side of Trunk Island (below) look promising from a distance but have poor rock and shallow landings.


Trunk Island. Photo Grant Farquhar.

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