Tsunami Wall

Warning and disclaimer on the fixed protection: This is not a climbing gym, climb at your own risk. Please read the information about the in-situ protection on the safety page. Read the warning on the safety page about Longtails and Cahows.

This cliff looks like it has escaped from Thailand. It is a very steep cave that gives amazing climbing on tufas. It is situated in Hamilton Parish just off the Railway Trail that heads west from Duck Puddle Park. The climbing is very condition dependent. Climb here when the wind is out of the north otherwise it can be dripping. Topos below. Tsunami Wall also has some DWS routes.

Tsunami Wall - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo

Fabian Gysi on Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Photo Chris Burville.


This route climbs the groove and headwall left of the pillar of Kanagawa. It is possible but unsporting to escape the line leftwards in places. Start from the window underneath the pillar. Climb up into the groove/cave feature and bridge and palm up this to gain good holds over the lip. Finish rightwards up the spectacular headwall on massive incut holds. Three threads protect. Grant Farquhar & Davie Crawford 12/March/09.
Tsunami Wall - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo

Davie Crawford on Kanagawa. Photo Grant Farquhar.

KANAGAWA 5.11d 15m

This flyweight looking number packs a heavyweight punch. It takes the beautiful pillar forming the left hand side of the main cave. The move past the first bolt is the crux and it keeps you on your toes until the bell. Punch past 3 more bolts and duck the KO at the large thread to top out in the apex of the cave. Belay bolts on the edge of the large skylight. Grant Farquhar & Fabian Gysi 11/October/08. Four titanium glue-in bolts 22/10/09.

La Cucaracha
Grant Farquhar on the FA of La Cucaracha. Photo Davie Crawford.

LA CUCARACHA 5.11a 15m

Grab your sombrero and dance your way to the skylight above. This route takes the left side of the vertical wall in the main Tsunami cave. Start just right of the pillar taken by Kanagawa. Sustained face climbing & bridging leads to a brief respite, before a tricky top out. It is unusual for a Bermuda route with thin moves on generally small holds. A huge, unimpressed cockroach spectated on the FA near the top. 4 marine grade glue in bolts. Belay on bolts at top. Davie Crawford & Grant Farquhar 1/February/09. Second ascent John Langston Nov 2009.

Heading for the light on Journey. Photo Davie Crawford.


A meandering journey through very overhanging territory in the steep wall which forms the right hand side of the main cave to eventually finish through the large square skylight in the apex of the cave. Climb up, left and inwards past four glue-in bolts and ten threads. Grant Farquhar & Fabian Gysi, 14/12/08. Second ascent John Langston 29/11/09. Bolts replaced winter 09/10.
Tsunami Wall - Bermuda Rock Climbing Topo
Jazmyne Watson on Journey. Photo Grant Farquhar.


This is the central line in the steep right hand wall of the cave. From the base of Journey climb past 4 threads and 4 bolts to the top. Stalactite wrestling interspersed with no-hands rests. Belay on a thread on the lip backed up by the bolt on the edge of the large skylight. Grant Farquhar & Fabian Gysi 24/1/09. Equipped with stainless steel expansion bolts and definitely not safe to climb until re-equipped.



This brilliant route gives three star climbing through wildly overhanging tufa festooned territory following the direct line of 6 glue-in bolts and 2 threads in the steep wall right of Third Degree Burns Night. Belay on a bolt thread over the lip. Grant Farquhar & Fabian Gysi 11/October/08. Second ascent on-sight flashed by John Langston November 2009.

Under the Volcano
Grant Farquhar on an ascent of Under the Volcano. Photo Davie Crawford.



Is the substance of the first of the pillars of wisdom right of the main cave. Climb the pillar past 3 bolts and 3 threads. Bolt and thread belays over the lip. Grant Farquhar & Davie Crawford 30/11/08. Three titanium glue-in bolts placed Spring 09.

SUNDOGS 5.12b 15m

Bermuda’s answer to Raindogs is the left hand finish to Cumbrae Vieja. Follow Cumbrae Vieja past 1 bolt and 2 threads to the 3rd thread at the large stalctite. Clip the bolt above and head diagonally leftwards on steep ground past the blobby stalactite via 1 more bolt to the top out. Bolt and thread belays over the lip. Grant Farquhar & Davie Crawford 19/3/09. Re-equipped with stainless steel glue-in bolt 4/April/10.
Tsunami topo
Topo of the Tsunami Wall cave area by Grant Farquhar.

AURICLE WALL 5.10a 15m

The 2nd pillar, with its intimidating capping roof, provides tremendous climbing. Climb the pillar and wall, via a curious ear-like flake, to the obvious climax. (Three in- situ threads and two bolts). Davie Crawford & Eloise Pitts Crick 14/12/08.

Auricle wall
Davie Crawford and Eloise Pitts Crick on the first ascent of Auricle Wall. Photo James Whittaker.


An excellent line on perfect rock, this route takes the 3rd pillar. Steep moves up the pillar lead to an easing at a tufa formation. 3 bolts and 2 in- situ threads. Belay on a tree 5m back. Davie Crawford & Grant Farquhar 23/10/08.

Davie Crawford on an ascent of Auricle Wall. Photo Grant Farquhar.

The fourth (and final) ‘shark fin’ pillar on this section of the crag provides the following two routes (one on each side of the pillar, meeting to a common finish).


The left hand side of the fin provides a couple of nippy moves past a bolt. An easing at around half- way leads to a finish over a small roof. one bolt and two in situ threads. Belay on a tree 5m back. Davie Crawford, Bryan Caldwell and Caroline Stockdale 12/January/09.

Aleta del Tiburon
Bryan Caldwell on the 2nd ascent of Aleta del Tiburon, Caroline Stockdale en belay. Photo Davie Crawford.


The better of the two ‘shark fin’ routes featuring some interesting wall climbing on tufas and small pockets near the start. This route takes the attractive right hand side of the fin and joins with El Terremoto at the half way mark for the same finish. 1 bolt & 3 in- situ threads. Belay on a tree 5m back. Davie Crawford & Bryan Caldwell 12/January/09.

Updated topo
Tsunami Wall topo courtesy of Davie Crawford.

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